about this site

This is my skateboarding blog. For the last year or so it has mostly been about freestyle, but I’m making it my general skateboarding blog now. I’m just a normal skater. I like to skate and I like to write, so here we are. I’m middle-aged, but I can still move, so that’s a good thing.

The Friends of IL section in the sidebar is limited to people/groups/companies I have a friendship and relationship with. No offense, but if you have a company, if I’m not into it and I don’t know you, I’ll not put you in the list.

The Skateboarding Blogs section in the sidebar is for true blogs. Not corporate mouthpieces, instagram accounts, etc. My goal is to link to people who have real blogs that are not just social media accounts, on which they post actual cool thoughts, images, and video about skating.