about this site

I’m restarting this blog. I wasn’t going to do a trick tips site, but I had the domain name lying around and I really liked it, so what the hell.

This site is about freestyle skateboarding, but I’m going to aim it more at older skaters who 1) may have done some freestyle a long time ago but gave it up when it started getting technical and people started standing on the tail of the board, etc., or 2) maybe have never really liked freestyle because they didn’t really see any flow in it, or whatever.

I think every skateboarder should be able to link some nice tricks together on flat. Other than just rolling and turning, what is more basic than that? It bums me out that so many skaters decline to even enter or participate in freestyle events because they “aren’t good at it.” That’s not what it’s about. It’s about getting out there and showing a few skills, having a good time, listening to some good music, and having your friends holler for you — just like all of skateboarding.

I’ll be doing some simple tricks here, most of which you’ll be able to do on any board. I won’t be doing any foot-on-the-ground tricks here like no-complies or bonelesses. Those are great tricks for street skating, but I want to concentrate here on flowing ON the board.

After maybe 10 of these tips, if you work on them, you should have enough going for you that you could participate in a freestyle contest and have something cool to do, because as you learn this stuff you will come up with new ideas. You will make it your own.

I think it would be good if you got yourself a freestyle board, but I’m not going to stress over it. I want you to learn some skills from freestyle that you can use in your everyday skate session. I’m sure I’ll be dropping some opinions here and there.

So there it is. Get on it.