New Goals

Since I’ve cancelled my trick to the Stockholm freestyle, my freestyle contest season is over. Which means I can just relax and skate. I’ve decided that I must learn to spin frontside. My backside spins are not consistent. I must learn frontside. I started tonight and got 3. The secret – practice and persistence. Just work at it. Also started working on a new footwork element tonight. Again – practice it. Every time I skate.

New trick

Started working on the backward spacewalk yesterday. I’ve been good at the normal one for a long time, as well as the Stacy Peralta Torque Spacewalk. I made a few adjustments to the way I put my feet on the board, in particular my front foot. You have to use the front foot kind of lightly, allowing the board to really rotate under the ball of your foot. Fun. I think I’ve got it.

Every session is a good session

Last weekend was my work weekend. All day Saturday, half day Sunday. By Sunday evening when I got home I was pretty wiped out. I took a short nap on the couch, and was tempted to just remain there. With a supreme act of Will, I got up and went to skate. Given that I started out from an exhausted couch, I wasn’t expecting much. But I figured I’d just do some footwork and at least get some rolling in. It turned out to be a pretty good session. Having switched back to a double-kick freestyle board my footwork is getting better. Kept working on the new trick. Almost there, for sure. A good session. It is always better to skate than to not skate.

New trick, almost

First things first. I switched back to a double kick freestyle board. I’ve been on the single kick for almost 2 years. It’s been good, but I feel like the love affair is over. There are trade-offs. I like the flatness of the single kick. It feel better for some things, but I’ve concluded that my flow is just better on the slightly longer wheelbase of the double kick, and of course the kick nose just make my footwork a lot more sure. It feels better.

So today I started learning a new trick to add into my footwork lines. I’m about 60% there with it. It’s kind of simple, but it is new to me. I’ll post a video when I feel like I have it wired.

Been a while

My last session was last Thursday. I skated for a couple of hours. Not my greatest session, but then not all of them are going to be fantastic. I have learned that even if I’m not skating that well on a particular day, it is best to keep skating. Any time on the board is better than no time on the board. The the weekend hit and I unexpectedly had to go out of town, so no skating then. Planning to hit it hard this weekend, weather permitting. Thursday night too.


I had a couple of afternoons off, so I spent my time in the late afternoon skating the last two days. Had a couple of good session. I have to work today, which is probably OK since I’m sore.

The Van’s Half Cab Pros came in. I started wearing them. I like them. Higher tops and more padding make my feet feel more secure and makes me feel more confident. I’ll order another pair before the Europe trip.


Good session. Worked on Hang Ten Nose 360s a lot. Managed to hit 3, which isn’t that much, but it was a good spin that felt good and had a good axis. Progress. Made some good refinements to my starting foot position on the Mroz Twist and 360 Shove-It, which made a huge difference in consistency. Practiced my normal old kickflip a lot, as I’d really gotten out of practice.


Had a pretty good session last Sunday night. I was surprised, as I’d done several hours of Aikido over the weekend and my legs felt pretty tired. But of course once I got moving everything worked out. I remembered an old trick that I’m going to seriously relearn. It would be a good one for Masters Division contest. Then there’s these other 2. I think I can get them.

Today is Tuesday. I’m off on Thursday afternoon and all day on Friday. If weather permits, I’m going to skate as much as my body can take.

Oh, I ordered some Van’s Half-Cab Pros. Tired of low top shoes that feel like they are going to come off my feet.

Been Sick

It’s been hard to skate lately, again. Got a nasty sinus infection, which sucked. Finally got out to skate yesterday. It didn’t suck. Right now, in addition to be just getting over that infection, my allergies are on overdrive, making me feel tired. BUT — it was good to be on the board.

I need to dedicate the next few month entirely to physical training. Black belt test in Aikido coming up in June (unless I delay), and 2 freestyle contests (Germany and Sweden) in July and August. Hopefully the cross training will be good.

the Fall

Well, it is October. I turned 52. It is cooler outside. The personal life has settled down a bit, and I finally got out to have a good freestyle session. The downside of Fall is that days are shorter, and with my slightly longer workdays it will be harder to fit in good sessions in the evening, but as I often say, any time on the board is better than no time. I’ll take what I can get.

I am already looking forward to the 2017 Paderborn contest. It isn’t for almost 10 months, but damn I’m so looking forward to it. They are saying first 2 weeks in July. So Summer 2017 will be a busy one for me, as I am supposed to take my black belt test for Aikido in June. I may need a bigger bottle of ibuprofen.

Anyway, I got a nice session in last Saturday evening. One nice thing about not being a super technical freestyler is that after two months off the board I am not really any worse. I have a lot of stuff to learn, still, but mainly I just want to be smooth.

Back at it.

It’s been a month since my Paderborn trip got fucked over.

In that time I’ve changed to a new job, which is good. I like it a lot more. I’m happy about that.

August in Texas is, of course, miserably hot. I have hardly skated since my trip got fucked, and this month I will try to get out a couple of evenings a week.

I must admit I have been a bit bummed, but a recent massive contest win by my friend Tony has given me a new jolt of energy, hope, and optimism.


Finally got some practice the other day. Set up a new board. Same setup, just not worn out. All new except the trucks. It felt weird, as new setups always do. Considering lack of practice I skated pretty well.

Rain all this week. Looks like a shitty week for skating. Hopefully it will clear up and I can get some good practice in the coming weeks.