New project

I’m taking part in a video project a guy I know on Facebook is doing. He’s compiling a lot of old guy skating footage from the old guys in this group. I am one of the oldest, heh heh. Anyway, I’m filming some freestyle tricks for the video. It is actually really good motivation for doing some tricks I don’t do a lot, and trying harder to learn some new ones, without the stress of a contest looming.

Also, I am back on Nasonex allergy spray, and feeling a lot better. The allergies have had me on the ropes for months now. Just haven’t been feeling good until a couple of days ago when I got back on this stuff. It’s nice to feel like I’m fully in my own mind and body again. I skate a lot better this way.

Next on the agenda

Didn’t realize how burned out I was. I’ve barely skated the last few weeks. Just layed around the house, mostly reading. Not a bad thing to do. August in Texas is the hottest part of the year, with the orange hate ball in the sky beaming its wrath down all day, which of course radiates back out of the concrete at night. Work has been busy. Between that and the heat, I have felt quite depleted.

However, I’m going to skate tonight. An old-guy-skateboarding group on Facebook wants me to submit footage for a group video. I’m really kind of excited about this. Going to do some freestyle-esque street skating for the video, as well as some ditch skating and curb tricks. Should be a fun, and the project will be fun to be part of.

Also, at work a colleague and I are working on a conference presentation about the potential of the Punk/DIY ethos to positively influence library program design and the way we do things. I’m not really a punk guy. I’m a skater. Skating has always been primary for me. But the ethos is much the same. Reinterpretation of one’s surroundings. The urge to do something. To make something happen. To make your own scene.