Skating tonight

Tonight is a skate night. It has been a few days since I’ve practiced. When a few days go by between sessions, sometimes I almost dread going to skate — afraid I will suck — stressed about learning this or that. So I go out and just try to enjoy myself. Hard to ignore the expectations. Very hard.

Trick goals for 2017

Edited on 5/22/17…

Learning tricks is not super easy for me, but given time and patience I can learn. Not sure why the difficulty, but I think that after 41 years of skating I’m just less willing be injured, even the little injuries to the shins that are so common in freestyle. That being said, I have some goals for the year, some of which I’m already on.

  • Fast moving kickflips and fakie kickflips
  • Proper fakie backside M-80
  • Consistent ten 360s
  • Consistent 5 Hang Ten 360s
  • Backward Spacewalk
  • 540 Big Spin
  • New footwork

New trick

Started working on the backward spacewalk yesterday. I’ve been good at the normal one for a long time, as well as the Stacy Peralta Torque Spacewalk. I made a few adjustments to the way I put my feet on the board, in particular my front foot. You have to use the front foot kind of lightly, allowing the board to really rotate under the ball of your foot. Fun. I think I’ve got it.

Every session is a good session

Last weekend was my work weekend. All day Saturday, half day Sunday. By Sunday evening when I got home I was pretty wiped out. I took a short nap on the couch, and was tempted to just remain there. With a supreme act of Will, I got up and went to skate. Given that I started out from an exhausted couch, I wasn’t expecting much. But I figured I’d just do some footwork and at least get some rolling in. It turned out to be a pretty good session. Having switched back to a double-kick freestyle board my footwork is getting better. Kept working on the new trick. Almost there, for sure. A good session. It is always better to skate than to not skate.

New trick, almost

First things first. I switched back to a double kick freestyle board. I’ve been on the single kick for almost 2 years. It’s been good, but I feel like the love affair is over. There are trade-offs. I like the flatness of the single kick. It feel better for some things, but I’ve concluded that my flow is just better on the slightly longer wheelbase of the double kick, and of course the kick nose just make my footwork a lot more sure. It feels better.

So today I started learning a new trick to add into my footwork lines. I’m about 60% there with it. It’s kind of simple, but it is new to me. I’ll post a video when I feel like I have it wired.