A few days ago I made a few good full 360 caspers, with an additional over the top 180 flip-over out. I decided to start pay a bit more attention to my caspers, and really try to improve their consistency. So I started this yesterday. I think that even after only one day of doing them a bit more and paying more attention to the details I’m getting better at them.

Right now I have 3 variation.

  1. Backwards to casper – flip over the top – land rolling backwards.
  2. Backwards to casper, but spin into it, and flip over the top while turning body and board 180 degrees backside, and land rolling forward (not returning from the same direction I came from). A Casper Big Spin. 
  3. Backwards to 180 casper, flip back over the top, returning rolling backwards from the same direction you came from.
  4. 360 casper – sometimes can make – rarely – backwards to a full 360 spinning casper, flip back out. This is one I’d like to get better.
Then on the super weird and hard to do variations, I have one. Backwards into casper (or from rail?), bend down, fingerflip back to casper, flip out. Have not made this one yet. 

Here is #2 (below). Getting footage of these tricks is really  helpful. I can see in this exactly what I need to change for the 360 version. In this particular one, I keep my weight leaning back the way I came, which makes it very hard to spin a 360, since my axis isn’t  vertical. Will work on this next time.

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