No excuses

I have chased the 540 Shove-It for a long time, but I don’t think I have chased it very hard, with much gusto.

Last year, in probably September, I went out to “really learn them” one day. After a lot of attempts, I felt I should try to land one. I took off, and when the board was about 90 degrees shy of 540, I got my feet back on.

I had that momentary feeling of joy you get when you realize you are going to land the trick after many tries. Then the wheels all slipped out in front of me, I feel backwards, landing on my ass, and then both elbows smashed into the concrete. I lay there on the ground, wondering if I had broken both elbows.

I test them. No, nothing broken. A little scraped, but not too bad. I got back up and continued skating, but I haven’t really tried to learn the 540 since then.

Yesterday I saw video of a 4 foot tall Japanese kid doing a 540 Shove-It on a normal sized street board, which is of course gigantic for him. It looks ridiculous, damn, that little monster makes it. It would be like me doing one on a 42″ board.


No more excuses. No fucking excuses. I will learn this goddamned trick. I will put on my helmet so I don’t have to worry about cracking my melon open, but I will learn it.

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