Reagan, Risers, Punk Rock, and Freestyle

The trend in skating has been, for a long time, toward boards that ride low. This, I suppose, is an adaptation to the ollie in street skating, in which case it is functional. Since changing to a flat single-kick a few months ago, I have started riding my board a bit higher. Started with Trackers and a single thin riser. Then got some higher-riding Attack trucks, and put them on 1/4″ risers. It felt good. Less tail scraping during wheelies and spins, but still felt stable (not tippy). Last week I added an additional thin riser, for a total of 3/8″ of riser. It still feels good. Not tippy at all. I have not found any downside to this arrangement for MY skating. In fact, it is much better. Much easier to hold my backside 360s without losing so much speed from tail scraping. Much more stable (obviously) on rail, even though I generally don’t do a lot of rail tricks. Everyone skates differently, and everyone has different preferred tricks. Low is good for some, higher for others. But I’m glad I have added this riser. Going to the softer black Khiro bushings has allowed me to turn a bit more during my freestyle. I think that for me, again, this is preferable. On another topic, Nancy Reagan died yesterday. Honestly, I don’t have THAT much against her. I mean, she and Ronnie represented a lot of what I hate, but hell, they were born a loooooong time ago. Considering the attrocities committed under the Reagan administration in Latin America, their ignoring of the beginnings of the AIDS epidemic, etc, it is hard to believe that even Ronald Reagan would be too liberal for today’s insane Republican Party. But he would. As much as they venerate him, he would be too “soft” for them today. During the Reagan years, the world of Punk Rock provided a great response to the Reagan world view. So yesterday, I put a bunch of Reagan era punk on the iPod and listened while I skated. My favorite on this compilation (American Hardcore) is “Fucked Up Ronnie.” Well, here’s a little video I shot.

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