Yet again, skating…

Got out for some practice on a really beautiful afternoon today. Felt pretty good. Can’t say I really accomplished anything great, but I landed my normal stuff pretty solidly.

Thinking about learning finesse tricks versus brute force tricks. I’m not great with either. My strength is somewhere in between, or so I’m told. That’s how I feel too. Yesterday I fiddled around with some “technical” rail tricks. I didn’t enjoy them. Just not me bag, man. I found them quite tedious. Once many years ago I didn’t really feel that way. I just wanted as many tricks in my toolbox as possible. But now if I don’t enjoy it or think it is worth my time I just won’t give a trick any real time.

I guess I draw the line with technical stuff here: if you could teach a non-freestyler or maybe even a non-skater to do the trick within a day or so, then it sucks. Thus, my aversion to non-rolling rail tricks. I’ll do a few just to punctuate a line, but they aren’t very important to me.

So that leaves brute force. Which leads me to the 540 Shove-It, my holy grail of tricks. I once could do them (on a very small wheelbase board), but haven’t landed one in over 20 years. I beefed hard a few months ago trying to land one. But I think that the brute force required to get this trick is more within my range than some super technical thing about be. So I need to start back it. I need to get this.

All of this is to say that I was feeling like I’m just not really learning new tricks, and that is frustrating. But that’s not exactly true. Since last September I did learn backwards kickflips. I am almost good at Fakie Frontside Bigspins. I’m getting better at Hang Ten 360s, and I’ve learned some new footwork. I guess I’d just like a real banger like the 540 Shove-it.

Equipment Note: changed to Khiro black bushings, rather than the harder purples, on the freestyle board. The black ones are slightly softer, allowing a little bit more turn while still being pretty stable. Stability vs. turning is always a tradeoff for the FSer who likes to turn a bit. So far, they are performing well.

Travel Note: Got my tickets for England/Paderborn 2016 trip.

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