Still More Practice

Today was 74 degrees F, sunny, and beautiful. After taking care of some obligations at my mom’s house, I got out and practiced for a bit over an hour. I had planned on 2 or 3 hours, but I guess I’m out of shape.

I need to always practice each of my staple tricks 10 times each session. Make sure I really practice them and make 10 good ones. Over, and over, and over. Practice is what makes good things happen. Period. My staple moves need to be fast, big, smooth, precise, and totally consistent. Footwork must be smooth as silk. Work in new tricks between hammering on those standard moves and lines.

I feel like my potential strength is lines – flowing lines – so I need to figure out good combinations of lines that incorporate my best moves without rushing them. Rushing through my runs is my worst enemy. Not only does it make everything harder, but it wears me out. I think that I need one really good footwork line in the middle of my 2-minute run.

Weather is supposed to once again to bad this week. Will try to get out anyway, any time possible.

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