A New Year, More Skating…

Well, it’s January. The weather is cold, and the days are too short. Very hard to get any freestyle practice in. Weekends have been challenging too.

But – the Paderborn, Germany contest is only 5 or 6 months away, so I need to get on the practice. Again, I’m not focussed on winning anything. That isn’t going to happen. I want to skate as well as I can, and I’d like to have 2 or 3 or 4 really good new tricks to do in my runs.

I feel like this has become a yearly pilgrimage for me. A trip across to ocean to the holy ground of freestyle. After that first time last year, the place just seems like magic. I realize I could get there and get rained out, but fuck it, it is worth the risk.

I got some of the new Mode 95a freestyle wheels. I like them. They are smoother rolling and easier on the ankles and knees when landing tricks, but not mushy. Stoked. Harder wheels might be better for 540 shoveits, but I don’t seem to be in danger of making any of those, so I’ll opt for a better ride, smoother wheelies, and better style.

So it’s officially time to renew my nutritional program so I don’t get fat this winter, keep going to aikido to keep the body limber and agile, and skate as much as possible. I think my goal will be double kickflips, really good backwards hang-ten wheelies, and 540 big spin.

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