Well, I have not gotten any practice, at all, since getting home from Philly. It gets dark now about 5:30pm, so my spots are dark by the time I can skate after work. Weekends have been rainy, busy, I’ve been sick, or all three. BUT – I’m feeling OK now, and looking forward to a nice weekend.

One of my best skating friends ever moved back to town recently, after being gone for 20 years. He digs freestyle and wants to get back into it, which is cool. We do a lot of street and ditch skating. Last weekend we checked out a couple of the newer local skateparks.

Right now I’m mostly trying to get ready for a ditch skating contest in Houston on the last Saturday in November. It’s a grassroots contest, lots of fun, and the kind of thing where no one cares who wins. Everyone just wants to rip to the best of their ability, and every yells and whoops for everyone else while they ride, which is the way a contest should be. Hoping for good weather!

So I set up a new ditch/street board, but found this weekend that I don’t like it. The concave is way too deep for my taste, and the nose/tail angles are also too steep for me. Great board – just not for me. So I put my old board back together. It still has life left in it. I need to make sure I’m getting very mild concave boards from now on. As a freestyler, most of my street skating and ditch skating is very freestyle-influenced, and thus I move my feet around a lot. Heavy concave makes it hard to move my feet freely.

Need to find a place to practice at night. I went up to a local skatepark last week about 8pm, but it kind of sucked.

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