Ok, I’m back

OK, I’m back.

I skated pretty well in Philly, and got last place. I’d be lying if I said I don’t feel ripped off. I did actual, real freestyle, and was beat by 2 guys who didn’t even do that. One just dorked on a street board. Good guys! Don’t get me wrong. Really good guys, and everyone involved a good skater and person. I just think the judging system was kind of weird, and I realize now that if you don’t judge people in a freestyle contest based first on whether they are doing freestyle, well, you don’t really have a freestyle contest, do you?

Before you say “Well, it is FREEstyle”, let me just say that real FSers know what a real FS run is. It isn’t hard to determine if someone is doing FS, or just street dorking.

All that said, I had a good time anyway, skating with everyone. The contest benefitted a good cause, and overall it was a good trip. I just won’t be going back. It is too expensive a trip to go and not really be in a traditional FS contest, or to feel a bit fucked over. I am sorry to say I feel that way. It doesn’t make me feel good, but it’s the truth.

Lesson learned.

So, I’ve been back a couple of weeks, and taken some time off from practice. Not really voluntarily. It just rained a lot. Looking forward to starting back up this weekend. I’ve gotten a lot better since the summer, and will continue to improve. Hoping for a “real” FS contest to enter in 2016. I will be at Paderborn, Germany, if I can manage the plane ticket.

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