Fakie Finger Flip

In the last month I’ve learned 3 “new” tricks, all from fakie: fingerflip, hang ten nose wheelie, and kickflip. None of these are very modern, but they are all good tricks. The fakie fingerflip is a lot easier to launch than going forward, but the body English is weird. I think I might be able to make it a double.

I leave for Philly in 7 days. I may not win. I may not place. But I’m better than I was a few months ago. So that’s cool.

Footwork and Spins

I spent a lot of time yesterday working on mixing some spins into footwork lines. It isn’t easy coming out of footwork with your feet smoothly in the right place to do spins. Takes a lot of practice, which I’ve really just started.

I forgot to practice my bacwards 1-footed tail wheelie last night. Will work on it tonight.

This is just a few shots of me playing around with some footwork and spins.

Good skating

I’ve been having some good practice sessions lately.

I am now practicing all my go-to tricks 10 times, in a row, per session. If I miss one, I keep going, but add 1 the necessary count. Getting more more consistant. Everything feels more solid. I’m moving more fluidly on my board.

I addition to the cool new footwork trick I’ve pretty much got down now, I’m doing fakie kickflips at nearly 100% consistency, going fast. Super happy about that. For some reason that is a trick that has always given me problems. So I’m happy at almost 51 to finally be getting it. I’m a slow learner.

I have 2 other “banger” tricks I want to learn for Philly. I have just over a month to learn them. I think I can do it.