Went to Aikido last night. Good workout, but aikido is a lot tougher on the body than skating. 1.5 hours of aikido will drain you under the best conditions, and it was hot and humid in our dojo. So yeah, I’m tired today, but looking forward to skating tonight.

Going to get some carbs for lunch today, and try to get a nice balance of moving around my workplace and using the standing position of my desk with energ conservation to make sure I have the energy I need to skate tonight. Will go home, rest for about 30 or 40 minutes, eat, and then go skate.

A session

I had a good session last night. Learned a trick (at the end of this video) that I’ve been wanted to get for a while. It’s not that complicated, but it has nice flow and it’s fun. Feels good to do when carving into it backwards at a moderate speed.

Incredible how much better I skate when I’m rested. This was a Sunday evening session, after a very relaxing afternoon.

Loving the flat/flat-nosed board.

session report of sorts

Skated for about 40 minutes last night.

It was one of those nights when I got to my spot and really was just pooped out. I can usually skate for a while and snap out of it, but last night the weariness just wouldn’t quit. But I skated anyway, did all my normal tricks, and a couple of fakie kickflips.

Then I went home and ate pizza.

It is better to skate a little than not at all.

New Trick

Well, I’ve been practicing. Last Thursday and Friday nights I got in 2-hour sessions. Saturday I got my fakie kickflip down. Seems like a simple trick, but it has always given me trouble. Nice thing about now having it is that it opens the door for other tricks.

Also seem to be getting closer to 540 Bigspins, which I have also done before, though on smaller boards. In the “Masters” class, at least at this point, having some kind of 540 shoveit trick would really be good. So I’m gonna try to get it down.

Switched to this flat, flat-nosed board (on the left). It works better.

More skating stuff

I got out to do some skating on Saturday with the new Mode Mike Rodgers freestyle board. Then I got back out on it last night (Monday).

It’s August in Texas, which means in the shade at 7pm it is about 97 degrees F. So yeah, it’s hot, but I had a good session last night.

I have switched, at least for the time being, to a flat-nosed freestyle board. It is much better for fingerflips and caspers, so I like it.

A few days

It has been 3 days since I’ve been able to skate. I got a good skate in on Friday night. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday I was just too busy to even sneak in an hour. Actually, on Sunday night the Community Band was playing on my skate spot, and I didn’t have time to go farther to skate, so I just chilled.

Last Friday’s session was pretty good. I am still not making any of the new stuff I’ve been working on, but I’m skating well. We have company tonight, so tonight is also fucked as far as skating. Will try for Wednesday.