Elbow Smash

I went out Saturday night with great determination to land a 540 shove it.

I tried about 50, coming close, but not quite getting it. It is hard to add the extra 180 degrees and keep the board spinning under control and on a flat plane.


I got one about 30 degrees from 540, got both feet on the board, and I felt that momentary joy of thinking “This is is, I’m making this.” But the board didn’t have any rotation left, and my body position just wasnt good. I ended up pushing the board forward with both feet, going airborn, landing first on my butt and then with both elbows smashing to the concrete. Thank you, Aikido training, for allowing me to do this without destroying myself. amazingly, though my elbows are sore and scraped, NO SWELBOW! Head came nowhere near the ground. 

I got back up and tried a few more, though I’ll admit a lot of the fight was knocked out of me. I did some good 360 shoveits and some other stuff. Amazing how easy a 360 seems after trying 540s for an hour. 

When I got home I watched video of the slam in slow motion a few times. I have spotted some issues to deal with. Even tough I smacked hard, honestly it wasn’t a terrible try. So I will keep after it. Fuck it. I’m a skater.

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