Flippity Doo

I got in 1.5 hours of skating last night. I spend about an hour on warming up and then doing all my “staple” tricks — the one’s that are solid. That way they stay solid. On weeknights that leaves me little time or energy to work on new stuff, so I try to throw new stuff in during that first hour. After a few tricks I’ll try a double kickflip or something. Still didn’t make the double last night, but still getting closer. I have to admit that while my legs are really strong, my strength to weight ratio is not great. So generating the explosive power for the double is not coming easily, but I will continue and I will get it.

Towards the end of last night’s session I started fooling around with fakie varial ollie flips, and I made one. I rarely do any ollie tricks, so it took a little time to realize I have to actually be light on my feet and I need some “pop”, but I made one. I’m actually kind of stoked about it. Gonna try more of them tonight, and see if I can get it worked out for good. It is a lot easier than an oldschool double kickflip, no doubt.

I’d be more stoked about this trick if it weren’t such a common newschool trick. I generally avoid such stuff, but it would be nice to add this to my repertoire just to show that I can learn “new” stuff.

It may be a bit hard to get out for a good long session tonight, but I’ll at least get in 30 minutes.

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