Filming and whatnot

I managed to skate a little bit last night. I think I wore myself out last week, as I’ve not had lots of energy this week. Anyway, I worked on some new flowing footwork and taped it, only to discover some spots in the footwork that weren’t that flowy. Some stops that were not really good. Video is great for that — finding your flaws. So I’ll keep working on this stuff and getting it to look good.

I will have an extra couple of hours after work today, so I’m going to start skating at 6pm, and hopefully get 2.5 hours of skating in. Will continue working on the double kickflip.

I have been switching my freestyle wheels around a bit. My current preferred wheels seem to have a core problem, so I’ve gone back to the Terry Synnott wheels, which are really good. This morning I ordered some Kevin Harris wheels, from Momentum. They look a lot like the old Powell Freestyle wheels, just slightly smaller in diameter.

Since my energy level after work has been giving me trouble this week, I’m going to try a little carbo loading today for lunch, then not a lot of food before I skate. Really, it is mostly the Aikido practice that is draining me. It uses a tremendous amount of energy, but it is also what keeps me in good condition.

Went to the skate shop yesterday and got another pair of the Vans skate shoes I purchased a couple of weeks ago. Still on massive sale — about $35 — so why not get a second pair? Hell, I’d have bought more if they had more in my size.

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