New Tricks in 2015 #1

As of today (July 2, 2015), I have learned one new trick this year. But it’s a good one. Actually, it’s a good one in my mind, because I enjoy it, though only the informed will understand. Here it is.

Backwards Walk the Dog

I started working on this trick after seeing a very nice performance of it in a 1977 contest video of Doug “Pineapple” Saladino. Yes, it’s an old trick. I’ve always been able to do this trick a little bit, very badly. Because it felt so unnatural to me, I never really worried about it. However, I’ve come to see it as a sign of true footwork ability, so I wanted to learn to do it well.

I began working on it about 2 months ago. It felt horrible at first. The body English is weird, and it made me feel like a clutz. But I kept at it, working on it during every session. Last night I noticed that all the practice is paying off. My Backwards Walk The Dog is much better. Not totally fluid yet, but not too bad. Not so foreign feeling. So I’m adding it to the normal lineup of footwork to practice, and I have no doubt that it will get better and better.

Other tricks I’m going to learn

540 Shove-it. I’m determined to get this down. Tired of doing only 360s.
540 Big Spin. Same as above
Fakie kickflip to one foot
Double Kickflip
Consistant ten 360s
Varial fingerflip
Fakie 180 1 1/2 Fingerflip

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