Do What Thou Wilt

Today, as usual, I had been looking forward to skating. Nothing new there. Every day, almost all day, I am wishing I were out skating. In the Texas summer, skating during the day is just stupid. No one does that. Skating happens after about 7pm.

Anyway, I got to my freestyle practice spot at the public library to find that some mindless, thoughtless person with a leaf blower had gotten little pebbles all over my practice spot. I was bummed and pissed. I cursed loudly. It had been a hard work day, I was tired, and needed to skate. But I had no broom.

I went home pissed. I played with our cat, let him outside, and sulked.

Then I thought about going to the skatepark up at Allen, Texas. It has a really nice flat area. But it was getting late.

Suddenly I realized “Hey, I’m a 50 year old man. I can do whatever the hell I want to do. It doesn’t matter what time it is.” So I got my board and went up to the park, which is usually crowded and unpleasant, only to find it un-crowded and very chill. I skated hard for an hour. As I started my body and mind were tired from a day of life-force draining work. Now, I actually LOVE my work, but let’s face it, skating is better. And work is draining even if it is great work. Slowly the body and mind revived, drawing power from the magic of skateboarding. I skated pretty well, went through my regular tricks, worked on some of the new footwork I’m trying to learn, did pretty well with that, and finally went home, feeling much better.

Life is too short to allow the necessities of life, like work, to destroy the joys of life (skateboarding). From this point forward I will skate whether I am tired or not. I will skate as hard as I can. I will leave nothing in the bag.

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