London/Germany Trip episode 1

Months ago I decided to go to London to skate with my longtime friend and podcasting partner Tony Gale. It would be a great opportunity to meet many of the skaters who years ago hung out on the message board of my old skateboarding website. They were scrappy young ruffians back then, but all have grown into interesting semi-responsible adults.

As it turns out, the week I planned the trip includes the weekend of the Paderborn freestyle contest, in Germany. So Tony organized a British invasion of that contest, and I will tag along as the lads’ clumsy old uncle from Texas.

I’ll be spending about half my time in Germany (or on the road to Germany) and I’ll get to see and skate with my friend Yoyo Schulz again.

Have I practiced enough for the contest? No. But I’m tuned-up enough to have a good time and skate with my friends, and should have a couple of good contest runs.

I am nearly packed, and ready to spend some time on the plane, then some time lugging all my stuff through various tube stations of London, on my way to Tony’s flat, where I will then recuperate for a few hours.

Must remember to bring some instant coffee with me, in case of a no-coffee situation.

Lift off from DFW Airport is approximately noon tomorrow, then a brief stop in Chicago before my second trip across the Atlantic. Looking forward to getting started on this adventure.

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